Commercial IP

The combined expertise of the team at Margo® Attorneys, Inc. places us in the best position to advise on all manner of intellectual property deals. To help clients maximize the commercial application of their intellectual property, we draft agreements and offer advice on all manner of transactions having intellectual property as basis, including the following:

  • all forms of license agreements
  • technology transfer, technology supply, and R&D agreements (including assignments)
  • joint venture and collaboration commercialisations
  • all forms of manufacture, supply and distribution agreements
  • agency and brokerage agreements
  • franchising
  • non-disclosure (confidentiality) agreements
  • software development and maintenance agreements
  • escrow agreements
  • sponsorship agreements

It will be apparent that Margo® Attorneys, Inc. specialises, exclusively, in matters having IP as basis.

A transaction is never conducted in isolation, and our team makes a point of considering matters in context. Have you ever considered the effect that a transaction will have on your tax position? We do – routinely. As tax legislation grows increasingly more intricate and sophisticated, proper expertise is essential to optimising one's tax positions, or at least minimising exposure to tax liability.

In related matters, we also conduct IP due diligence audits, and offer advisory services on exchange control matters that arise in transactions having IP as basis.