Generally speaking, copyright is an exclusive right which rises automatically protects the results of your creative effort. It grants the rights holder the exclusive right to perform certain acts in relation to certain specified works and to prevent others from performing these acts without authorisation. Copyright is conferred and regulated by the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 (as amended).

Copyright only vests in certain types of works which are set out in the Copyright Act. These are:

  • Literary works;

  • Artistic works;

  • Musical works;

  • Sound recordings;

  • Cinematographic films;

  • Dramatic works;

  • Computer programs;

  • Published editions;

  • Broadcasts; and

  • Programme-carrying signals.

At Margo® Attorneys, Inc. we have a specific interest in copyright protection and can offer advice and services related to the following:

  • Determining whether copyright exists;

  • Who owns the copyright;

  • Employees and copyright;

  • Duration of copyright;

  • Issues of copyright infringement;

  • Copyright litigation and dispute resolution services;

  • Commercialisation and licensing of your copyrighted material;

  • Your work of copyright in an international context; and

  • Registration of copyright in cinematograph films.

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