Domains & eCommerce

The threat to intellectual property rights, increasingly, is becoming prevalent in the online environment. A number of threats abound in cyberspace, including online IP infringement and cybersquatting. The potential for financial and reputational damage in these circumstances is well documented. We are frequently called on to restore our clients' rights in these circumstances. More and more commonly, we are required to takedown infringing web sites that are hosted in foreign territories.

We offer a broad range of eCommerce-related services to ensure that, not only your intellectual property, but indeed your entire business, is safeguarded. These include:

  • the preparation & vetting of web site terms & conditions;
  • web site privacy and usage policies
  • compliance evaluation: consumer protection legislation
  • the takedown of infringing and abusive web sites
  • domain name audits, registrations and renewals
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In addition, with the recent introduction of the Protection Of Personal Information Act ("POPI"), both private and public bodies are now required to meet certain minimum requirements when processing personal information. POPI provisions also have a bearing on the types of marketing techniques that are regarded as permissible, and also certain contractual terms.

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